Our Philosophy


The secret of our success does not only lie in the richness of our Mediterranean specialties, but also in the personal commitment each employee shows towards customers and business partners. KapPa wants to achieve the best for everyone – acting out of conviction, with passion and highest attention. Trust is the foundation, wherefore we maintain close contacts to all our long-term business partners, such as producers, suppliers and forwarders.


Solely the best fruits of each crop become a KapPa specialty. A personally conducted purchase of the raw materials strengthens our uncompromising demand on best quality. Furthermore each product entering and leaving the production site, which is equipped with most modern technology, is subject to strict quality inspections. Along these lines the processing takes place in compliance with highest hygiene regulations according to the HACCP concept and with regard to the International Food Standards (IFS). A seamless sales network with an uninterrupted cold chain assure that our customers are supplied with products as fresh as if they were right from the Mediterranean region.


All goods are produced in a timely manner and ought to be rolled out in their original freshness. Therefore KapPa has developed a special coating method to enclose all the specialties very finely with high quality nutritional oil. Due to this technology, that is exceptional in Germany until now, the fruits’ unique aroma and their crunchy appearance are kept. The results are in taste and character unadulterated specialties whose consumption is comparable to a vacation at the Mediterranean Sea.